Not All Aerobic Service Companies Are The Same


Maintenance Contracts

We maintain Aerobic Systems and provide maintenance contracts for both residential and commercial units. From contracts that provide state required inspection and testing of the systems once every four months, to monthly intervals which provide additional services such as adding chlorine for disinfection. Please contact our office for a quote customized for your particular needs.

Repair and Service

We repair Aerobic Systems and lift stations for septic and L.P.D. Systems. Our service vehicles carry a complete inventory for the Aerobic Systems we work on and can usually make the necessary repairs without having to return a second time after chasing parts. We also operate a vacuum truck for emergency or scheduled pumping.

Septic and Aerobic Systems Installation

Our highly trained team installs aerobic and conventional septic systems. From small residential to large commercial systems. Everything we install we also service in house. Give us a call so we can bid on your septic project.

Alarm Problems

Are you tired of being unable to reach your service provider when you have a question or problem? Aerobic Services of South Texas has 5 full time technicians on staff, which will respond to any alarm situation and answer any questions you may have. We always have a technician on call on holidays and weekends. There are no additional costs for responding to emergency calls and our technicians are paid hourly and not on commission. When non-warranty repairs are needed you will always be given the total cost before repairs are made.

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